ZB Bank discontinues manual RTGS, goes exclusive with internet banking

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ZB Bank branch

ZB Bank recently announced that they will no longer be processing manual RTGS and Internal Transfer application forms. The change will take effect from 1 October 2017. According to ZB Bank, this development is in line with their strategy to go paperless as a bank. As a ZB Bank account holder, you will have to register for internet banking by 30 September 2017.

If you’re an individual, you can register from a branch or register yourself online on their internet banking platform. You will need your card number and PIN to register. Once you have registered successfully your login credentials will be emailed to you and you will be required to log into the platform using your new details and change your password within 24 hours.

Corporate account holders will have to get application forms from ZB Bank enquiries desks, Personal Bankers or Relationship Managers. There’s no doubt that mobile banking has seen a rise in adoption by banks locally as most now have their own mobile applications even. Some people have even warmed up to using these mobile apps.

However, there’s still that one problem, the applications require you to have an active internet connection which requires mobile data. It’s no secret that data is not the most affordable thing in Zimbabwe so will this factor always reduce the adoption of such banking solutions? Given how internet banking also requires data, will people using ZB Bank be inconvenienced greatly? Or it won’t be that big of an adjustment?

Mobile banking solutions like USSD banking will always be the most convenient as you don’t need any data to be able to do any activity on your account. Interested to know your thoughts. Have you used internet banking from ZB Bank or any other bank? How has it worked for you? Do you think having internet banking as the only option for RTGS or Internal Transfer is a good idea?

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  1. G

    This is how people shift to using data, if banks can go paperless, people will be forced to use data

    Will also see zero rating of banking apps as demand increases. Mnos will also reduce data as revenue from data increases so they can still make comparative profits with reduced data costs

  2. nambya

    for the younger generation good bt i don’t think the elders will cope

    1. oNmYLastLife

      Isu maElders tinoida technology. Saka usatityira

      1. Ndini


  3. Langton

    Need to rejister

  4. Chishaya P.

    I registered using my phobe on Friday mng bt up to now I hvnt received the e mail with my password though I cn c tht registering ws successful.So I need help here.

  5. Tlnt

    l registered it start of august and received confirmation in september after all its very slow …and not convinient so far .wish if they can upgrade .

  6. Ziso

    I have registered and its wonderful bcz all my transactions i can easily see them.Very convenient and easy.

  7. Mary

    I registered and only received my credentials after 24 hrs days, when i tried to login it kept saying wrong credentials and it locked me out, phoned the bank for assistance and i was assisted by a not so friendly voice with an attitude, now waiting for new credentials which will take another 24 hrs probably, what happens when i desperately need to do an RTGS after they have gone paperless and I have the same issues. I do not think ZB bank will cope easliy with this change.

    1. Bento Banker

      Their Customer services is nothing to write home about.Vanoita kunge vanhu vekazuru.

  8. TarieM

    Well done ZB. I have successfully registered and digital is the way to go!

  9. bee

    windows phone not compartible with the Apllicatin really??

  10. jm

    done quite easily

  11. psak

    How much are your charges on using this facility.

  12. shephard matsilele

    locked out.couldnt login after registretion.what must l do?


    Click forgot user name/ password, select retrieve both User name and password, enter your card number and card pin. The login setails will be sent to your email address Do remember to change your password after logging in. Hope it will be helpful….. Good luck

  14. sekaz

    ko kana us in a email wodiii nhayi

  15. sekaz

    and how to have email a/c