Instagram adds a new sticker for you to create polls in your Stories


Instagram recently announced a new feature that they’ve added to the Stories feature of the social media app. The new feature allows you to create a poll that your Instagram followers can take part in so you can get some insights. To start using the new poll features, first update to the latest version of Instagram.

Once you’ve got the latest version of Instagram, go to the Stories section of the app as if you are about to send a new story. Capture a photo or video that you’d like to include in the poll, maybe you’re having a tough time choosing your next outfit (lol, first world problems) or you just want to know if your friends like pizza as much as you.

After you’ve taken the picture or video that will go along with the poll. Your next step is to just add a new sticker as you’d ordinarily do, on the options of stickers that you’ll see, there will be a new poll sticker. Click that and then it’ll require you to type in a question to ask your friends on Instagram.


The question has to be a yes or no type of question since the only options for people to choose when participating in the poll are either yes or no. When you finish writing the question and placing it where you want on top of that photo or video, then you can send it as a normal story and your followers will be able to see it.

Whoever sees the poll question can answer it and when they do, they’ll be shown the answer that was voted for the most. If they view your Instagram Stories again later, they will be able to see the latest results as well. You, on the other hand, will be able to see who has voted for which answer in your poll and to which side it’s tipping towards.

The poll stickers feature is a neat new addition to Instagram Stories as it gives you a new way to interact with your friends and followers on Instagram and you’ll be able to get some insights from them. Instagram has also added a new tool to Instagram Stories which will allow you to pick any colour found in an image.

So for example, you’re about to add a picture of a pepperoni pizza slice your Instagram Stories and you’d like the colour of the text you’ll put on top of that picture to be the same colour as that of the pepperoni in the pizza slice. Normally, you’d have to kind of guess from the colour slide which shade is closest to the actual colour and that might take quite some time so you’d just end up choosing red which wouldn’t be the exact colour.

Now, you can select a colour picker tool then after selecting it, you just click on any part of the picture where the colour you want to pick will be located. So you’d type in the text you want to add to the image then when you want to pick the colour, look at the left bottom corner, there will be the colour picker icon.

When you click on it, a new icon will show up at the centre of the screen, move that around the photo to select the colour at that particular part of the picture. This feature is one of those things you might have wished existed but for some, it might not have been that big of a problem so you might not even use it.

Instagram has recently started adding more features to the social media app and it seems like they’re really not going to be stopped. I mean, right now, Instagram has over 500 million daily active users and all these new features could get more people to use it every single day. Let us know what you think about these features.

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