Now you can swipe money from any bank into your EcoCash account.


Are you one of those who’s been inconvenienced because your bank hasn’t integrated with EcoCash (or it’s EcoCash that hasn’t integrated with your bank)? Well, no more worries.

EcoCash, today unveiled a new product to address that.

So instead of integrating with banks, EcoCash has decided to integrate with Zimswitch… smart huh? (Well, not really with Zimswitch but the innovation does leverage heavily on the Zimswitch platform). So now, hopefully by end of day today, you will be able to swipe your money from your bank account into your EcoCash account… literally.


To be enabled to use this facility, all you need is any Zimswitch enabled bank card and a Steward bank POS machine and of course an agent or a till operator. Then the agent/till operator swipes your card, enter a code and then confirm on your phone and voila money in your Ecocash!

By the way, there’s about 5 000 more Steward bank POS machines being churned into the system and as we speak a couple of agents (not sure how many really) who were at the event received some POS machines to start using. Considering Steward bank already has the most POS machines on the market, 5 000 more is a good story as far as convenience is concerned.

We’ll be taking a deeper look into this new technology in future (very near) articles

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