Press Release: BitFinance changes name to Golix

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BitFinance the bitcoin company is rebranding as it moves away from just being a bitcoin company to be a digital currency company. The previous name BitFinance was appropriate when they launched as a bitcoin company. Golix is the new name.

Hey there,

We’re thrilled to have you as an integral part of our vision and today we’re excited to let you know that we’re moving into the future and changing our brand from BitFinance to Golix.

We started BitFinance in December 2014 to make it super easy for Zimbabweans to use bitcoin. For a country that had so many ‘monetary problems’, we strongly believed that bitcoin was going to make our people’s lives significantly better, because it gave them financial autonomy.  We were right, and we chose our brand names (BitFinance and BitcoinFundi) to position ourselves as a bitcoin company.


It became clear to us that in the future, bitcoin will not be the only digital currency that succeeds. A few months ago, we started investing in other digital currencies and have seen that it works, so we are doubling down.

Today is a remarkable day for us, and most importantly you our customers. It marks the completion of our transition from being ‘just a bitcoin company’ to being ‘a digital currency company’. And so from today onwards, we shall be known as Golix.

Please, take some time to get acquainted with our new look, and note that future emails and communications will no longer have the name Bitfinance.

We look forward to having you as part of this exciting future.

Best Regards,
The Golix Team

You can visit their new site here.


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  1. Livermore says:

    I hope this means improved service and a more liquid order book

  2. Martin says:

    no service, no chance to withdraw BTC and send to another , no reply to emails, absolutely unreliable…

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