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Acie Lumumba Explains Why His Facebook Account Vanished On Tuesday Morning

Acie Lumumba

Acie Lumumba’s Facebook account was one of those social media accounts that consistently shared reliable information during the whole military takeover business.

So it came as a surprise on Tuesday morning when the page vanished. We all wondered what had happened even as we tried to contact him to get an explanation.

Later on in the day, Tuesday, the Acie Lumumba account was reactivated and Lumumba made various posts but no explanation as to why the Facebook page had been taken down was forthcoming. Not until after Mugabe’s resignation did he explain.

Lumumba later shared a video in which he is with fellow activists Linda Masarira and Kuda Musasiwa. In the video where they are celebrating Mugabe’s resignation he then gives the explanation.

He says on Tuesday morning they were called over to meet with some military personnel. At that meeting he says they were showed Mugabe’s resignation letter. Yes, he says on Tuesday morning. The same letter that was then read out in the early evening.

He says the military convinced him to stay off social media, or in other words, to shut up. He complied with the request and went as far as to temporarily deactivate his own Facebook account.

Watch the video below but be warned that there is some foul language in it.

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4 thoughts on “Acie Lumumba Explains Why His Facebook Account Vanished On Tuesday Morning

  1. these guys are telling lies, below is Part of Mugabes resignation letter.

    “Following my verbal communication with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda at 13:53 hours”

    So how did they hear it by 7am?

  2. kkkk they were shown the resignation letter before it was written?…as in the blank paper?
    coz it was written masikati and his acc was deactivated way before that

  3. As much as I view Lumumba as deranged, I kinda like his guts and charisma. Remember “mumwe akaudzwa hondo nemurwere we pfungwa akamushora kwanzi anorwara … musatarire mhumhu teererai mashoko”

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