Breaking: Barclays restricts use of Visa cards with immediate effect

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Barclays Bank, one of the only two banks we know about that still allowed spending on debit cards outside the country without USD cash pre-funding, has just announced some changes. It won’t anymore. Or, to put it more accurately, customers will need to have such spending approved by the bank beforehand.

Here’s the announcement the bank published today on Facebook:

Please be advised that usage of the VISA card for cross-border transactions is now subject to prior arrangements and approvals by Barclays Bank. Applications can be made through your nearest Barclays branch.

This arrangement supersedes any previous limits for cross-border payments the bank extended to you prior to this notification. All limits on your local Barclays ZimSwitch-ready debit cards will remain unchanged. You can apply for your local debit card at any of our branches countrywide.

For more information, kindly contact us on +263 4 250759.

You will remember that this is the same position that Stanbic took about a week ago.

 Effectively, only one bank now, Standard Chartered, still allows spending on its cards outside the country without pre-arrangement. It only makes sense, that they too might follow suit within the coming weeks.

It’s not clear from the announcement what it will take to get a positive outcome from the “prior arrangements and approvals by Barclays Bank”. Our assumptions are that those who deposit USD (essentially pre-funding their accounts), those that are high-value customers or just those who have good relations with those making decisions at the bank will get approvals.

Barclays was last in the news some months ago when the bank’s CEO, George Guvamatanga, infamously said that civil servants and other non-exporting bank customers had no right demanding cash from their banks.

Barclays Bank can really not be faulted for this move, it’s just a result of the crisis of the past 18 months. Their customers who need to make payments outside Zimbabwe or online are left with little option – they can only either pre-fund or use a Stanchart account (assuming they already have an account, seeing the bank is no opening any new accounts).

Are you a Barclays customer? Let us know how this affects you in the comments below.


  1. kilotango

    no, if you re-call.. stanchart require you to apply for approval before your card is activated for POS use outside of Zim, and limit to $100 a day for online. i believe that went into effect beginning of Jan. Please do your research before speculating and creating un-necessary panic.

    1. Nya

      Yes. StanChart was actually the first.

  2. Anonymous

    Game over , this is where the country dies , very sad times in deed

  3. Robert Chatu

    I have an iTunes subscription , failure to pay this will make me pirate music again…..

  4. Brighton

    Immmm shit …this is so sad , I am outside the country and the only way I was getting money from my parents was through Barclays visa card ….dont know if I will go back home since I have $0 in my wallet

    1. Robert Chatunga

      Come back and vote

  5. Cheated

    I’ve been with Barclays for 5 yrs this was the only silver lining…. Not happy with their service or no zipit. No ecocash… Was already considering opening else where… Can’t fault them on the USD issue but lack of connectivity in a cashless economy only frustrates customers

  6. Jay

    You are misinformed. Standard Chartered requires you to apply and justify your spending with the bank before your travel for your card to be authorised. This has been the arrangement since around June.

  7. Addie

    I withdrew yesterday in South Africa. Im nt sure if this is true

    1. Masimba

      its true . check your messages on your online banking portal

  8. Chakachaya Manyoka

    Good Move

    Stops the usual suspects from hoarding cards form hundreds of people, then crossing over to South Africa and withdrawing $100 from each card per day ($10,000 per day) or $700,000.00 per week.

    If you are travelling genuinely, it is not difficult to simply alert your bank

    1. Anonymous

      stupid comment u should have kept this to yourself

  9. Cheated

    The above scenario is highly unlikely. To actually have a hundred cards is unlikely

  10. who gives a sh!t ?

    ooh that’s terrible, yucky poo poo !!!!!

  11. kilotango

    why are comments being hidden on this article?

  12. Humba

    Spend your USA that you deposit. Can’t fault the bank

  13. Catman

    Some of us deposited the money in USD and now we can not access it, surely that is gross unfairness

  14. Wellington

    Actually Stanchart were the first to announce the banning of use of visa cards outside the country early this year. You have to apply for approval from the bank

  15. Chris

    So are there any banks that allow for international transfers instead of using a debit card. Could I send money from one of the banks to a bank account in US?

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