Zimbabwe 2018 National Budget Statement (PDF Download)

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar
2018 Budget Statement Final

The 2018 National Budget Statement presented before Parliament today by the Finance and Economy Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa. Here’s a PDF download below.

2018 National  Budget Statement


  1. Anonymous

    if its implemented it will spell the awakening of zimbabwe the giant

  2. taruvinga

    Yes yes

  3. Richard Masango

    If corruption is not stamped out they are bound to fail

  4. Thokozani

    Splendid m loving it

  5. tichauraiwa

    Should they closely supervise the daily proceedings in government institutions,monitoring the movement of money,its a yes.otherwise the effort will go to waste

  6. First Mukwasha

    Is this the same guy who use to present F***ed up budgets before??!! Hayas zvakaoma sure, zvinobva zvabuda kuti atoripiwa na Ntombizodwa budget…kkkkk

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