We’re Currently Not Interested In Zimbabwe Football TV Rights At All, Says Kwese TV


Speculation & rumour that Kwese TV is negotiating a deal for PSL TV rights, it seems, won’t die. This, despite the fact that the PSL itself already denied any such negotiation is going on.


The current rumours, apparently, are that Kwese TV has submitted a bid for the TV rights to Zimbabwe’s Premier Soccer League.

Econet Media has today released a statement, essentially to say the company has not submitted any bids the TV rights and that it’s not interested in them at all in the ‘near’ term.


Here’s the statement in full:

Our attention has been drawn to various reports linking Kwese TV, an entity of Econet Media, to bids for Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League (PSL) television Rights. Econet Media wishes to make it clear that it has not submitted any bids nor entered into any negotiations for the said Rights and does not plan to do so now or in the near future.

As part of its strategy in Zimbabwe, Kwese has entered into arrangements with a number of local sports federations and will continue to develop further relationships with sports organisations. However the PSL tender does not fall under the Company’s current rollout of products, programmes and activities.

In the meantime, it is important to highlight that a critical part of Kwese TV’s current rollout programme includes the establishment of comprehensive in-country infrastructure directly and in collaboration with selected partners to support production of local sports and entertainment programmes.

Econet Media acknowledges with gratitude the enthusiastic and overwhelming support it has received and continues to receive from Zimbabweans and will continue to build on its strategy to bring top quality entertainment at affordable prices whilst creating employment for entrepreneurs and young people.

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5 thoughts on “We’re Currently Not Interested In Zimbabwe Football TV Rights At All, Says Kwese TV

  1. As my friend likes to say “Kwese haina bhora.” That’s a deal breaker. Once a week they find the worst crap from the EPL to show people. I will pay my DSTV as long as there is no sports worth talking of. The pundits are also a joke, glamour models come out to comment on football and sports basically regurgitating what they have glimpsed from the media.

  2. changing the subject
    @techzim, how come you not covering the bloodbath happening in the crypto scene? you touted bitcoin so much last year when it was rising but have been very silent during this crash??
    we would appreciate your input since you seemed to have actively been shilling it.
    also give us an understanding on tether…that was behind the bubble.
    failure of which we shall conclude that you are lacking depth as leader in tech news, and were just pushing your own interests in an affiliate local bitcoin exchange.

    1. @DowjonesDown…you read my mind,l ve been having the same thought that Techzim is losing its mojo,they lack depth when it comes to tech news,Guys l think you ought to go back to the drawing board to re-organise yourselves and what your mandate is.

  3. The most popular sports are on DSTV. Kwese seems bent on forcing crap down people’s throats, as long as they keep up with this attitude i will continue my love-hate relationship with DSTV

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