African Innovation To Meet Global Capital And Opportunity In London At The Africa Tech Summit

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This year will mark the 3rd edition of Africa Tech Summit London. The Africa Tech Summit is a convention aimed at bringing together great companies and initiatives across the continent in a bid to connect them with international ventures, investors, and entrepreneurs who are truly focused on business and investment in Africa.

The Summit was officially launched in 2016 in London. In 2018, for the first time it was held in Kigali, Rwanda and Techzim was in attendance.

Building on Africa Tech Kigali Summit earlier this year, the annual London Summit will aim to connect African tech leaders with international opportunities to drive business and investment forward. This year the event is happening on the 16th of May at the St Paul’s Grange Hotel.

Over 30 expert speakers including MTN, Ecobank, Iroko, Ventures Africa, Uprise Africa, Yegomoto, aKoma, and many more will join leading investors, start-ups, and media. Over 250 Delegates will uncover insights from Africa’s Mobile; Investment; Fintech; Innovation; Media and Entertainment landscapes.

The emphasis of the London version of this event is giving African innovators access to global opportunities and global capital markets of which London is one such. Equally global capital holders get the opportunity to interact with the developments on the African continent and the entrepreneurs who are leading them.

A lot of innovation is happening on the African continent but sometimes the global financial markets are not even aware. The converse is also true: a lot of global capital is unaware of the African opportunity. The Africa Tech Summit in London brings these two together.

We think that a key group that needs to attend this summit is the African diaspora community. This is particularly true for Zimbabweans based in Europe. A number of them have been reaching out to us discussing opportunities to invest in their home country particularly given the recent political developments.

Local startups have to find their way to the summit then so they can be visible and accessible to these different groups. You can find out more and register here. You can also watch their videos here. 

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