Golix Reduces Time It Takes To Withdraw From Wallet To EcoCash

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Golix is drastically reducing the time it takes to process EcoCash withdrawals from 24 hours to a single hour.

The withdrawal function allows traders to move money from their Golix wallet to other banking services including EcoCash. From Monday 26 March, when you withdraw money from Golix to EcoCash those transactions will now take drastically less time. The transactions will take an hour during working days (Mon-Fri) from 8am-5pm.

The one-hour timeline is only applicable if the withdrawal is made from your wallet to your EcoCash and other banks will continue using the same 24-hour timeline for now. Golix did inform us that they are working hard to reduce withdrawal times on all platforms:

Other banking platforms will still be using the 24-hour timeframe. Nevertheless, it should be noted that we are working towards decreasing the timeframe to a convenient level for our customers

Hopefully, Golix will integrate other banking platforms soon as they are no longer the only cryptocurrency exchange in Zimbabwe. Styx24 recently entered the field and with competition heating up in the crypto exchange field it would be wise for both exchanges to constantly put their best foot forward.


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    Popular… Haha like only one until recently

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    Competition is good hey?

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