How To Download All The Information Facebook Has Of You

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The ongoing scandal that Facebook is currently involved in has got many people concerned about their Facebook data. Facebook has since apologized for its negligence but however, some people want to know the information Facebook has about them so that perhaps they know they know how to use the platform better.

What Facebook Knows

First off, to find out what Facebook knows about you, go to Facebook titled “Accessing Your Facebook Data”. You will see something like the below image

You can see credit card numbers, the ads you clicked, a list of IP addresses where you’ve logged into your Facebook account etc.
What’s curious is that there is a headline that says “What categories of my Facebook data are available to me?”. It got me to think “what categories of my Facebook data are not available to me?” Could this mean that Facebook has another set of data that the user won’t be able to access?

How to download your Facebook data?

You can download your Facebook data by following these steps:
Go to
Tap “Download a copy of your own data.”
Tap “Download Archive”

You will see something like the image below

It takes several minutes and Facebook alerts you when it has finished compiling your data.
After Facebook alerts you, click “Download archive” again, and a zip file will be downloaded to your device.
Extract the zip file and then you will find your entire life on Facebook.



  1. gandanga matigari

    Very misleading, this gives me the data on what I have posted

  2. Worried

    Honestly speaking why would you use credit card numbers and other sensitive info on Facebook… Secondly it’s obvious the whole site is a data mining where users voluntarily give info… You are the product either stop complaining out stop using the service… Unfortunately this extends to what’s app as well… Now that’s scary… Do we really know if WhatsApp is recording our conversations like Facebook messenger… They can actually change perception in voting for example bottom line is monopolies are bad for users….8 myself hardly use Facebook but got no choice on WhatsApp… Just imagine if a competitor was allowed access to my WhatsApp