Learn The Basics of Blockchain This Weekend at The Blockchain Festival

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Man holding cellphone, bitcoin coming out

There is a Blockchain Festival the whole of this weekend aimed at educating the public about how Blockchain works. Apart from teaching the basics, the event will also focus on explaining deep concepts like writing smart contracts.


The event will be held in Pomona at Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd, Stand 475 Pomona Industrial Complex


Its free of charge but you have to register to attend the event.


The event is starting from 10 am and ending at 5pm every day.

The event might help people who are contemplating whether or not to invest in cryptocurrencies or companies that want to start using blockchain. So be there if you want to know what you are getting into.

To learn more about the Festival you can check their flyer.

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  1. Nice

    Fully booked.who 8s hosting it by the way

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