Zimra System In Beitbridge Goes Down Again

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Asycuda Plus, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s (ZIMRA) system designed to help it to automate customs processes on the importation and exportation of goods has gone down in Beitbridge in face of the coming Easter holiday. The system went down 4 days ago after Zimra alerted users that they were upgrading the system but Zimra is yet to comment on the situation. Beitbridge Border Post is Zimbabwe’s largest border post in operations and revenue generations.

This latest breakdown follows up a month-long collapse the system faced early this year which saw Zimra lose over $20million. It seems Zimra is failing to configure the system so that it works smoothly to process a sudden increase of processing. The $9.3 million allocated by the Government to improve service delivery at the border post was apparently to no avail.

The collapse of the system has been marked by the failure to process bills of entry and long queues. The looming Easter holiday inspires anxiety to many incoming vacationers from South Africa because they will have to spend many hours to wait for clearance. Last year in December, Zimra had to employ the services of the army to control the frustrated crowd and its likely that they will engage the army again in the coming days.


The Asycuda system is an upgrade from the previous one but the bottlenecks that blemished the first version keep on recurring at the latest. Where is Zimra really getting it wrong with this system?

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is a government department which is responsible for the collection of state revenue in form of excise duty, customs duty, road tolls, corporate and civil taxes. In addition, it also facilitates trade, offers fiscal advise to the government as well as... Read More About Zimbabwe Revenue Authority


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  1. thinkbig says:

    it is rarely the system, but the personal. Mark my words, the people are at fault. investigate and see

  2. clowns flock together here indeed says:

    I don’t know whose engrish is worse, the writer of the article, “…It seems Zimra is failing to configure the system..” hahaha, or “thinkbig” saying its “the personal”, not the personnel! hahaha, what a clown show this techzim is!

  3. u r idiots says:


  4. Zee says:

    U can’t not use uniform to controller the boarder instead of educated people kkkkk

  5. virus says:

    asycuda ++ was phased out in 2011 & replaced by the asycuda world which saw most of Zimra’s customs processes done online. The recent shutdown was planned by Zimra & clients notified in time though the shutdown took longer than expected. According to Zimra it was carrying out maintenance that included migrating the system to new servers.

    The author of this article was very lazy to seek clarity from Zimra nor to investigate if it was a system failure or planned shutdown. Its very disappointing when techzim stoops this low.

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