HIT Students Demonstrate For Wi-Fi

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Harare Institute Of Technology

Yesterday, Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) students held a protest to its administration for lack of wi-fi amongst other many things. Students reported that there they lack wi-fi access in their hostels and when they go to lecture rooms it will be limited.

The backlash was in the background that students are having to pay at least $300 per semester but the institution is failing to provide enough internet access for them.

This latest episode leaves a lot to be desired at HIT. How can a tertiary education institution fail to provide adequate internet access to students?

Many books and journals used for educational purposes are now published on the internet and if students are restricted to access the internet it surely compromises the quality of their research.

The student’s situation is compounded by having to do as much as 10 modules per semester yet they do not have enough wi-fi access. Apparently, the scarcity of wi-fi indicates that HIT is not interested in the prospect of having an optimal E-learning environment. Just like most educational institutions in Zimbabwe.

Or most probably, the government has not made enough effort to help educational institutions to have internet and make it possible for students to have e-learning.

E-Learning in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has not embraced the integration of E-learning in its educational system. This is identified by lack of internet access in many schools and lack of policies and initiatives that support e-learning. In 2012 it seemed like e-learning was about to take off but like most government initiatives, it lost momentum before it even spread to many schools.


  1. Student XYZ

    To me this seems a little far fetched since the fees we pay are subsidized yet the government has seized funding our tertiary institutions thus appropriating a vast portion of the budget to internet access doesn’t make sense to them. I am a student at UZ and it’s really the same, the hostels now have WiFi but the bandwidth allocated is low so it’ll tend to browse in the late hours when most guys have slept and in a few room as well though the equipment is there. In your opinion what should be done considering the budget constraints?

  2. unkown

    its actually $1000 not $300

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