[PRESS RELEASE] Panguro: New Video On Demand Service In Zimbabwe

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Panguro Media is proud to announce the official launch of its On-Demand channel on Vimeo.  Check out their press release below:


We have been working hard to create the first aggregator and legal sales platform for Zimbabwean film and TV content. This has happened in close collaboration with the filmmakers themselves, and Panguro Media is looking forward to continue and expand its relationship with the growing Zimbabwean film industry.

The launch of the Vimeo on Demand platform is the first step in our strategy to bring quality content from Zimbabwe to a great audience, both inside and outside the country, and at the same time ensure that enough revenue is channelled back into the industry to create a sustainable environment for the Zimbabwean filmmakers – so we can keep on enjoying local productions.


Please access the platform through this link:

We are looking to add more and more titles to our catalogue. Filmmakers who have content they want Panguro to represent can send us an email at:

The Vimeo on Demand platform is bringing local content to the diaspora who otherwise have no access to local films and TV productions – at least not legally. Over the coming weeks, we will market the Vimeo on demand channel especially to this market, but of course everybody is welcome to enjoy quality productions from Zimbabwe.

Apart from the Vimeo channel, Panguro Media will launch its website very soon. Unlike the Vimeo channel, which is targeting individual consumers, the website looks at content buyers such as broadcasters, streaming services, airlines etc. For an unofficial view of the site, please go to:

But we don’t stop here – Panguro is actively looking into ways to deliver quality content to the Zimbabwean audience as well through various channels – we will keep you updated. Like Zimbabwe itself, Panguro Media is open for business.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information at:

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3 thoughts on “[PRESS RELEASE] Panguro: New Video On Demand Service In Zimbabwe

  1. Just watched the Gringo trailer, it’s absolutely phenomenal guys, absolutely phenomenal.
    Now back to reality! I’m in Zimbabwe and there’s no Forex. How am I supposed to pay for the content if the platform only accepts Visa/MasterCard? You do have a good idea and are moving in the right direction, but unfortunately for us, we won’t be able to legally access our own content. Only the diaspora will enjoy it for now.

    1. Dear Rati, you are absolutely right, that currently the only way to access this platform is with forex. We are constantly improving, and this should be seen as a first step only – we are working on a local solution as well 🙂
      All the best, Eric (Panguro Team)

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