CABS Halts DSTV Payments, Asks Customers To Bring US Dollars

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
CABS building

As of today,CABS has effectively stopped processing DSTV payments through customers accounts. Following suit to other banks, CABS now require account holders to bring their US dollars in the form of cash to make their DSTV payments.

The bank’s notice read:

We would like to advise our valued customers that the Society has, with immediate effect made changes to DSTV payments as follows:
1. DSTV payment services will be available to all CABS customers.
2. Customers will have to bring USD cash to access the service.
3. The DSTV commission per transaction has been changed to $5-00.
4. DSTV payment facility will no longer be available on Mobile banking, Internet Banking and ATM delivery channels.
5. DSTV payment services will be available at all branches.

CABS account holders were one of the remaining banks that still offered customers the benefit of using their bond notes in their bank accounts to make DSTV payments. They did not have to pre-fund with USD first before making the payment as many banks in Zimbabwe now do when making international payments.

DStv to this day continues to refuse accepting payments through local means and has pretty much left banks and customers to their own devices in paying for their service using US dollars.

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