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Google Chrome Users Beware Of ‘Free Movies’ Hoax That Could End Up Costing You

Here in Africa, we’re not really mindful of piracy (unfortunately) and if you love downloading movies at no cost you may want to watch out for the latest hoax that has been victimizing Google Chrome users around the world.

So what do you need to avoid…

Surprising the bug is in the Google Chrome Web Store and there are downloadable extensions with names such as ‘Watch Avengers Infinity War Full Movie Online’ and ‘Watch Ready Player One 2018 Full HD Online’ and a bunch of other popular movies.

If you do click on the link and install the extensions, it will ask you to follow a link and on this link, you will be taken to another page ( which proceeds to ask. As soon as you click play the video redirects you once again and asks you to create a ‘free account’ to access unlimited downloads and streaming. Even though users are told the content will be free, they have to enter their bank card details. This is the first red flag!

If you do create this account you’re in trouble. A number of people have been complaining that they lost funds from their bank accounts after they had created the free accounts. Oh, they didn’t get to watch the movie as well.

These people who started their day out trying to watch a free movie, ended up paying and not watching the movie at all. Life comes at you fast at times. Anyway, if you come across these tempting extensions, don’t do it!

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4 thoughts on “Google Chrome Users Beware Of ‘Free Movies’ Hoax That Could End Up Costing You

  1. This type of “card number harvesting” fraud has been in existence for a long time. It is not restricted to downloading free movies alone….even on downloading some”free” utilities it pitches up. If something is free and then you’re asked for a card number surely you should see through the ruse?

  2. I agree with the above, surely you just need to use your head! Unfortunalely, that’s how the dumb people learn.

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  4. Don’t think it will affect Zimbabwean cards since they are not working online

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