MDC Leader, Nelson Chamisa Responds To Rwanda’s President ‘Tweet’, Says The President Has Forgotten The Meeting

Nelson Chamisa

Just some minutes ago we talked about the ongoing story of Nelson Chamisa claiming that he helped Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame with the country’s ICT policy. Rwanda’s President took to Twitter to set the record straight by dismissing Chamisa’s claim saying that he ( Paul Kagame) doesn’t know Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Well, now Chamisa has replied Paul Kagame on Twitter saying that Rwanda’s President is a human who can be expected to forget some things. He proceeded to say that Rwanda’s president asked for a copy of Chamisa’s presentation. Here is the reply;

Your Excellency, you’re not expected to remember everything. We met at a conference a few years back & you requested your ICT DG to get a copy of a presentation I had given. There’s a generational consensus across Africa that your leadership of Rwanda is progressive & inspiring.


So just by giving Paul Kagame his presentation, with that alone Chamisa thinks that he helped Rwanda’s President on his country’s ICT policy? I don’t think he helped Paul Kagame. I think Chamisa overstated his claim. And to that, I think he lied.

Or maybe Chamisa’s presentation had some policies and initiatives that he realized Rwanda was implementing(after he gave Paul Kagame the presentation) and accordingly he thought he had helped Rwanda’s president on his country’s ICT policy.

Like I said before its hard to know the truth because both Paul Kagame and Chamisa’s statements have additions and subtractions of details.

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19 thoughts on “MDC Leader, Nelson Chamisa Responds To Rwanda’s President ‘Tweet’, Says The President Has Forgotten The Meeting

  1. Ttechzim did you watch the video? Chamisa did not say I ADVISED. He said “ndakabatsira…..” Helping and advising are two different things. Kindly get the context of the story

  2. Mupfana uyu needs to stay on script he is completely unhinged and end up embarassing himself nesu tinomu supporter

  3. “I think Chamisa overstated his claims”.

    Dude you could at least be impartial while trying to draw some traffic on the discussion. Did you get contents of the presentation and judge to see how much was implemented for you to say understated or overstated. This is typical ZBC stuff. You pick out aline you like and run with it without the whole matter.

  4. Kuto replya kwaaita even makes him look like a fool who advises Chamisa seriously. Batai munhu. This is such an embarrassment to have a whole President respond. Last time we had a whole embassy deny 15 Billion. I really miss Tsvangirayi. He made a mistake pan Ben Menashe but he grew to be a smart politician.

    1. Another MT blunder was accepting cash donations from white farmers right under the ZBCTV cameras…..that was foolish. But remember, no leader says clever things all the time – the trick is to learn when to shut up, especially where there is no value addition or gain.

  5. Bottom line is MDC is very unpopular in Africa excerpt in Urban areas in Zimbabwe. This is why you see Chamisa not visiting African countries even ku SA chaiko kwakazara ma supporter e MDC he has not been there. The whole cohort of AU leaders despise MDC ndosaka vachizonanga ku America. European Union has also been slowly jumping the ship and becoming more excited with ED and a reforming ZANU PF because EU wants to be on same side ne AU.

    1. What is the future of countries whose base support is mostly lazy, economically-inactive, families that wait for food handouts year-in and year-out? …. and where do the leaders of such countries live? …in the huts or urban mansions? Analytical or critical thinking is a lot of work, definitely not everyone is up to it! Urban people do not need handouts which are a political carrot they want the means to earn a living easened….in most countries this is referred to as progressive thinking.

    2. kkkkkkkk AU SADAC whats that, kkkk man, those are idle body or organs in Africa. they witnessed the perish of pple in Afriacan countries with no action at all for exam in 2008 Zanu Pf killed thousand of people and those organs report free and fair election.
      dont waste ur energy trusting those organs for us Zimbabweans hatina basa we are just rubbish to them.

  6. It depends on the contents of the presentation. If indeed Kagame instructed his DG to get a copy it means there was something of substance in that presentation. It is Kagame himself who is looking like a fool when he asked for Chamisa’s presentation.

    1. mmm but atill, until substantive proof is provided that the contents of that presentation changed the course of the policy then it is all just hearsay, and the only person who can truly confirm this is the DG who received and further instructed on what to do with it. Otherwise the rest is just hearsay.

      That being said Chamisa still has a lot to learn. Mugabe was a disliked character on many a international bloc but they still invited him to make presentations and to do meetings. The key lies in being able to navigate people’s opinions and biases till you bring them to your point of view. Because like it or not when you are vying for the presidency people are looking for even the slightest of missteps to judge you and pull you down. As Jesus said, in such situations you have to be as cunning as a serpent while being as innocent as a dove. Hope he will learn in due time, and win over the hearts of those who lost confidence in him.

  7. Chamisa doesnt even have any verified online accounts like facebook or twitter, the official blue tick is missing on his so called official accounts, then you here him claiming he is IT literate…

    1. So only those people with twitter and facebook accounts are in your opinion IT literate? Remove your myopic blinkers, some highly qualified and skilled people avoid such fora (for security reasons – an area probably 99% of twitter/facebook users could be ignorant of) and restrict themselves to progressive professional online publications and fora where there is a very high/clear entry level than most freemium software….ever heard of linkedin? Try and avoid generalisations based on software use as a benchmark (there is delusional glory in that) else next you’ll assume that if one is not on WhatsApp then they have a feature phone. There is a significant community out there which sees very little value in social media currently when digital footprint & security issues are factored in. Such assumptions lead one to question if people actually know what they’re talking about when referring to IT or ICT literacy….remember it is optional to use these media.

      1. Have you read the ‘”verified”‘

        Or ukungovukura

        Do even understand what verified accounts for?

        Check me on linkedin you will see that l joined it in its early day

      2. Whats your handle on twitter, fb or linked-in? Ild like to follow you cz im impressed by your opinion and arguments

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