Zol To Introduce A New ‘Supercharged Network’: WiBroniks

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Zol is upping its game in the provision of internet in Zimbabwe by introducing WiBroniks. Unfortunately, we currently don’t know what WiBroniks is all about but by the end of today you will be in the know as we are going to attend a Zol Event in the evening later on today.

The only information we have so far that we got when we reached out to them is that WiBroniks is a 4G (LTE) product/service. And also, we know for sure that WiBroniks is a pay-as-you-go ‘thing’. On their WiBroniks advertisement, Zol says:

Proudly introducing the new Pay-As-You-Go Supercharged Network from Zol Zimbabwe, for Zimbabwe

Our speculations on what Wibroniks is

Whatever it is, our random guess is that WiBroniks may be an upgrade and extension of its current Zol fribrioniks. Fibroniks is Zol’s fibre internet solution.

By far our most radical assumption is that WiBroniks is an improvement of its Wimax broadband product. WiMAX works similarly to WiFi and it is Zol’s flagship product in terms of providing coverage as it can be used in many places to access internet in Zimbabwe.

But these are all just our casual assumptions. Tune in later on and we tell you more about Zol’s WiBroniks


  1. wokenman

    Did you guys bother to check the ZOL website – or does that go above the Techzim maximum effort level for putting articles together?

  2. Garikai Dzoma

    The website was updated well after the article was posted

  3. funny boo boo

    Lol, these techzim guys have a quick answer for everything !!

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      The article was published at 11:10 AM and the this guy comments at 5:48PM at the end of day when the article clearly states we will know later this evening 5:00PM is evening. It’s like criticising yesterday’s article for not knowing a court ruling made today.

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