Akon To Launch His Own Cryptocurrency, Aims To Build Real-Life Wakanda

Yes. You read that right. The ‘Lonely’ hitmaker now has his own cryptocurrency and it’s called AKoin. Whether that’s pronounced A-coin or Ay-coin is another thing but what we do know is the coin will be used to propel Akon’s philanthropy work.

What will the coin be used for

The crypto will have two particular uses. Firstly it will be used to ramp up the efforts of Lighting Africa Initiative. This organisation aims to improve Senegal’s –Akon’s home country- living conditions through the use of renewable energy.

The cryptocurrency will also be the centrepiece of what is being termed a 100% crypto-based city. According to AKoin’s website:

Parallel to AKoin being established as stable currency alternative throughout Africa – and fueling entrepreneurship – Akon Crypto City is in development and has opportunities for crypto experiences to be painted throughout this one of kind city; a never before opportunity for brands, businesses and high-profile individuals to do amazing things in this closed environment, welcoming anyone looking to step into the future!

Wakanda city is this?

When I first read about Akon’s crypto-city the first thing that came to mind was Wakanda – the tech-driven mythical kingdom from Black Panther. It seems Akon has a similar thing in mind. The website also states:

A Real-life Wakanda

2000 sq Acres gifted from Senegalise President Macky Sall. Already in development. Within 5 Minutes to new international airport, short drive to Dakar and close to the coast. Mixed use, master-planned city, containing everything from residential, retail, parks, stadium, light manufacturing, universities and schools!

Pipedreams? Well Akon didn’t delve into the technicalities of this project. All he had to say was:

I come with the concepts and let the geeks figure it out

Obviously comparing any project to Wakanda is a bit far-fetched considering that Wakanda is a city from a movie about superheroes, so it will be interesting to see how the city shapes up since it’s already in development.

Looking at Akon’s track record it’s fair to assume that this project will be completed. The Lighting Africa Initiative Akon has already installed street lights and small household solar systems in 14 countries.

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  1. fantastic shite !

    yah even me, i have a cryptocurrency coming soon, its called “craptobucks” watch this space !!!

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