Download Report On Social Tech Ecosystems In Sub Saharan Africa

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So I recently read the M-ITI report on the state of social tech ecosystems in Africa. When I started going through the report I thought I would immediately update our readers here on Techzim by quickly writing 2 or 3 articles that discuss some of the findings of the report. It’s been two weeks and I am only getting to attempt this right now. Why?

The report surprised me. I have seen similar reports before and they have largely sounded the same which generally means they say nothing but group together exciting buzz words about the promise of Africa. This Africa rising narrative has just been echoed from all over the place to the extent that we don’t attach any meaning to it anymore.

M-ITI’s report is one of the most honest look at the African landscape that I have seen. This is why I failed to write on anything in the report. I could not decide which areas to pick and discuss. I still cannot do so right now. All I will encourage you to do is to download the report and go through it. I hope my colleagues will be able to pick up on the issues presented here and lead conversations about how the African tech ecosystem can realise it’s true potential


Download: Social Tech Ecosystems In Sub Saharan Africa


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