Farmvest: An Agriculture Investment Platform That Will Help Zim Farmers To Source Capital

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You know the story in Zimbabwe, inadequate capital for farmers is disturbing the agriculture output of Zimbabwe. But Farmvest is here to make life easier for farmers while simultaneously offering attractive rewards to investors.

Farmvest is essentially an agriculture investment platform that ‘aims revolutionize the local agriculture sector by connecting small-scale and communal farmers with Zimbabweans & Foreigners (Local and Diaspora) who looking to invest in Agriculture’.

In particular, Farmvest is going to connect small-scale farmers with investors, who invest in cycles which can be anything from [3-5 months] for poultry projects to [7 months – 12 months] for vegetables and grain projects.


Where is Farmvest coming from?

Economic and environmental are undermining food security in Zimbabwe. Cash shortages, waterlogging, drought, crop pests and a shortage of fertilizer threaten agricultural production. Most notably the rise of Zimbabwe’s population (Africa’s population as well) which is compounding on food shortages. Nationally, a majority of households in Zimbabwe practice agriculture as their primary livelihood, according to the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee.

The UN points out that the Agricultural Industry Currently a $400 billion Industry will grow to a $1 Trillion Industry by 2030, so there is a need for African Farmers to take advantage of this opportunity by improving farming methods, mechanizing and getting access to capital. Hence Farmvest sees this opportunity as a way to help farmers to access capital relatively easy.

Farmvest aims to build a community model that allows Zimbabweans/Foreigners (Local and abroad) to venture into farming and agriculture at the touch of a button while empowering local farmers, and boosting production and security of food for Zimbabwe”

 This is when Farmvest comes into play

Most of the problems mentioned above are to a greater extent solved if small-scale or communal farmers are adequately funded to purchase chemicals or machinery to increase agriculture output. Farmvest will, therefore, come into play as a savior to farmers who seek funding. The company will pool many investors from diverse backgrounds who are willing to sink their money in agriculture projects.  

As a farmer, how can I have my project listed?

Farmvest is open for registration and currently has a few projects on the site but soon it will be launching the full website with dashboard and mobile apps on the 31st July 2018.

At the moment, a farmer who wants to register and list their projects can simply email Farmvest detailing what they do. From then on, Farmvest will contact you and they will conduct their screening process to see if the farmer can have their project listed on Farmvest.

As an investor, How can I invest?

Prospective Investors have it easier by just visiting Farmvest’s website and fill out an easy investment query form and go through some simple steps.

Furthermore, the soon-to-be-launched website and mobile app will enable investors to monitor their investments. The mobile app will be available on both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. The mobile app comes in handy for investors who would want track or check their investments on the go.

What’s the minimum amount can invest in Farmvest?

Prospective investors can invest as little as $250 which is paltry to many Diaspora Zimbabweans, foreign investors, and a relatively few local Zimbabweans.

What’s in it for the investor?

According to Farmvest, investors can expect to receive 15%-25% per farming cycle. And for that,  Personally, I would invest in Farmvest.

The brains behind Farmvest

Farmvest is owned by Mitah Group LTD, a company owned by Zimbabwean entrepreneur Michael Matope. Michael Matope the founder/CEO has been involved in the tech space the last few years, running Mitah Enterprises a web development and graphic design firm.


The Republic of Zimbabwe is a country located in the Southern Africa region. Its capital city is :Harare and the country has 10 provinces. Zimbabwe is 390,580 sq km and is bordered on all sides by other countries (Zambia in the north, South Africa in... Read More About Zimbabwe


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  1. ZambuDube says:

    I would like to know more about Farmvest

    1. Alvine Chaparadza says:

      you can visit their website

      1. John Doe says:

        Stolen idea from youfarm. Techzim get intouch with Youfarm on twitter and see when they started the business.

        1. Murimi says:

          Sounds like YOU are youfarm. There’s no new idea under the sun. Youfarm wasn’t the first in this space either, locally or globally.

          My advice…make Youfarm so great all would investors and farmers (like me) list on Youfarm than anywhere else.

          Right now…I still have no confidence in listing on any of the two.

  2. Copycats says:

    These guys are nothing more than copycats. They have ripped off an idea from Youfarm. Everything is exactly as youfarm, they have no shame. launched last year and now these mafikozolos come alone.

    1. Emanuel Gwenzi says:

      It’s not about copying an idea, it’s execution that counts. Many search engines get introduced every year, many social networking sites, but you don’t hear the likes of Google and Facebook crying fowl… because even them know that an idea without execution is worth zilch….

      1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

        I always say the same thing every time this “My idea was stolen” debate starts. Just today, someone thought they had come up with a brilliant idea they were hesitant to share with me because I would “steal” their idea. After hesitantly sharing the idea with me, they were surprised to know that there were a lot of implementations of this idea in S.A and other countries. I then went on to share problems being faced in other markets. It’s sad we value ideas more than products. There is nothing wrong with having 2 companies in the same market.

    2. Murimi says:

      Sounds like YOU are youfarm. There’s no new idea under the sun. Youfarm wasn’t the first in this space either, locally or globally.

      My advice…make Youfarm so great all would investors and farmers (like me) list on Youfarm than anywhere else.

      Right now…I still have no confidence in listing on any of the two.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Nothing copied , just execute! and we will know about you.

  3. @jonacreative says:

    I don’t think them launching this when youfarm exists is a bad idea. You can’t say Pick’n’Pay shouldn’t open “because OK exists”. There’s a lot of farming that needs to be done in Zim, nothing wrong with having more players in the crowdfunding game.

    1. MacdChip says:

      Competition is good!! If they have nothing to patent on youfarm, then everything else is open for exploit

  4. Shorai says:

    Looks good. But launching is easy. Execution is another.

    First question on investors minds is how is the investment secured?

  5. The Farmer says:

    For online agriculture buying and selling

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