Here Is How To Open A Diaspora Account On Steward Bank’s New Diaspora Platform, ‘Square World’

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Yesterday, Steward Bank introduced a “mobile banking solution designed for Zimbabweans in the diaspora” called Square World. Through Square World, the diaspora is able to access a host of banking services (they previously didn’t have access to) by opening a Diaspora Account. Now the question is, how to open the Diaspora Account?

First off, download the app on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore

Enter your:

  • Account number
  • Email address (the one you listed when you opened your account)
  • Mobile Number (the one you listed when you opened your account)
  • You will receive two tokens; one on email and the other via SMS. Enter these and set your password
  • Registration completed

N.B this is only registration to use the Square World platform.


After registration you will be able to apply for a diaspora account. Here is how to actually apply the Diaspora Account.

Select “Apply for Diaspora Account”

  • Complete all the fields
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Upload a copy of your valid Zimbabwean ID, Passport (Personal details page) or Drivers Licence
  • Enter your signature
  • Submit your application

After that you are good to go, you can start to make remittances, pay bills (back in Zimbabwe) etc.

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6 thoughts on “Here Is How To Open A Diaspora Account On Steward Bank’s New Diaspora Platform, ‘Square World’

  1. tell me when i can make outside payments, not interested in inbound to Zim !! there are enough inward options already

    1. For that you will need a Visa/MasterCard. The fact that there is not enough money to allow for free imports means there are not enough inbound remittances as you claim. Too free and excessive outgoing payments are the reason we are in this mess in the first place. People importing matches from Pakistan!!

  2. Hi I have opened an account through app and got my account number. However I’m having problems registering. I got tp codes from both mobile and email. Imputed that onto up but it won’t let me through on the pin. I tried creating different passwords. Could the requirement on that pin be clear please because it’s doing my head in now. I have tried for the past two hours.

  3. I keep struggling to get past this option

    • Submit your application

    I have tried several times to get this part of the application process done with out success. I have double checked the form to make sure all fields required are accurately completed and necessary info is input properly.

    Only to get the pop up which states:
    “We are opening your account please wait”

    Then the pop up disappears and the Submit option stays prominent again awaiting for me to Submit over and over.

    Please fix this bug. It’s frustrating to say the least.

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