Learn More About Python Programming This October At The PyCon Zim Conference

Python Programming

Time to learn Python programming with PyCon. PyCon Zimbabwe is holding a conference that will give developers, both seasoned and aspiring a chance to “share knowledge, learn about new technologies, contribute to technologies they use and above all network with other developers from different parts of the globe”.


Who is is Pycon?

PyCon Zim is a conference organized by volunteers and python enthusiasts for Python programmers in Zimbabwe. The first PyCon Zim was held from 24th – 25th November 2016, at the ZESA National Training Centre in Harare. It brought delegates and speakers from the USA, South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. The third edition of PyCon Zim is also expected to bring speakers from Africa and the rest of the world. It will be held from the 19th – 20th October 2018.

Who is the conference for?

The conference will bring together students, professionals, experts, and enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge and passion for Python and related technologies. It will comprise of talks, tutorials and sprints. Its purpose is to increase the visibility of developers, organizations, and companies within the community. The conference is suited for all skill levels, from beginners to expert developers.


But to make it possible, PyCon Zim needs sponsors

PyCon Zim need sponsors to help us cover the costs of:

  • basic running expenses;

  • provide a decent location to host PyCon Zim;

  • reimburse the travel and accommodation costs of our international speakers;

  • provide financial assistance to a participant who cannot otherwise afford to attend the conference;

  • catering and refreshments;

  • educational materials for the tutorials and

  • video recording of talks!

  • Offer financial assistance to speakers and attendees from within and outside Zimbabwe to cover travel and conference ticket costs.

  • Promote diversity by involving women, under-represented communities, and attendees from other African countries which do not have local Python conferences in their own countries.

  • Lower the conference ticket to make the conference affordable for attendees.

PyCon’s sponsorship packages

PyCon Zimbabwe has the following sponsorship packages presented in the table below. Each sponsorship package has an amount and associated benefits that come with it.

While we have the following sponsorship levels, please note that we also accept amounts which do not qualify for any sponsorship level, or are in between sponsorship levels. The packages are merely a guideline and not meant to discourage sponsors whose contributions do not qualify for a single package.

Bronze ($500)Silver ($1000)Gold ($2500)Platinum ($3500)
Small size logo on the PyCon Zim website linked to your own websiteYour name mentioned on the PyCon Zim websiteYour name mentioned on the PyCon Zim websiteYour name mentioned on the PyCon Zim website
Small size logo on folders and banners

Medium size logo on the PyCon Zim website linked to your own website

Introduction section about you on the PyCon Zim websiteIntroduction section about you on the PyCon Zim website
Medium size logo on folders and bannersBig logo on the PyCon Zim website linked to your own websiteBig logo on the PyCon Zim website linked to your own website
Big logo on folders and bannersBig logo on folders and banners
5 mins lighting talk about your company


Expected benefits

We expect your sponsorship for our conference to yield the following benefits to your company:

  • Marketing and promotion of your products to the Python community in Zimbabwe.

  • Contributions to your open source projects during our sprints if you have any.

  • Connect your company to talented developers for recruitment purposes.

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact Tafadzwa Bere or Humphrey Butau at your convenience by email at You can also find more information about our conference

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