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ZBC Denies Tweeting Inaccurate Information Concerning Announcement Of Presidential Election Results And Twimbos Respond

Twitter is a platform that has been popular across the world for almost ten years now, but in Zimbabwe it’s use has only been steadily increasing and I would say usage of the service really took off last year. As with anything new, it seems that people are still getting themselves acquainted with the growing pains that come with getting used to (fairly) new things.

Earlier today, it’s claimed that ZBC tweeted out an announcement of sorts denying certain claims made earlier:

ZBC was denouncing a tweet that they were alleged to have sent out announcing the time that Presidential Election results would be announced. If there was any foul play, you could count upon twimbos (Twitter + Zimbo = twimbo) to offer a swift response, and respond they did. Shortly after the denial by ZBC, replies started pouring in and soon enough the screenshots followed. It seems ZBC did in fact send out that tweet:


a screenshot sent in the replies as a reminder to ZBC


If Peter could deny Jesus, can’t ZBC be forgiven for denying a tweet? It does come as a lesson to the corporation. The internet is a different ball game and people are constantly on the ready to share news so next time sending out a mere correction might be the better route to take.

“If others can did it…”

ZBC can take heart from knowing that this isn’t as embarrassing as NetOne’s mischief on Twitter a few weeks ago. One of the social media managers at NetOne liked a ‘feisty’ tweet, probably thinking they were logged into their personal account. Here’s the tweet:


In the grand scheme of things, I think both incidents are not a big deal and they go a long way in showing that these faceless corporations are also run by human beings who from time to time make mistakes. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is a serious issue? If yes, convince me in the comments below.

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