EcoCash Sends A Warning To Its Agents Charging Extra Fees For ‘Cash Outs’

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EcoCash Kiosk

EcoCash has sent a stern warning to its agents who are charging extra fees (selling cash) to customers to ‘Cash out’. Any agent caught doing this, will be penalized- not sure what the penalty will be.


With at least 8 million, more than 50 000 agents and merchants, EcoCash has is many people’s preferred option to make payment and send and receive money. EcoCash has been able to source and distribute millions of dollars in cash but now its agents are selling the cash. The selling of cash is being driven by the ongoing chronic cash shortages the country is grappling with.

While that’s as far as EcoCash can go in trying to deter such activities by its agents, the police should also chip in and prosecute the agents. Just walking in the Central Business District I’m sure they can see many EcoCash agents who are selling cash.


  1. Anonymous

    They are good at threatening. Everyone knows they charge premiums. There is one at Corner Leopold Takawira/ Jason Moyo. He overcharges, I was a victim when I was paying someone for work done. The person wanted cash claiming, where he buys raw materials, they want cash.

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Victim? You could have refused to pay a premium and walked away. Us Zimbos play the victim card way too often. I paid a bribe, because I didn’t have a choice. I paid a premium, because I didnt have a choice. You always have a choice…

  2. Jimmy Neutron

    I don’t have enough kombi money to get to work, there is no money at the bank and those people let me cash out. If you remove them how will I get to work?

  3. Gary

    Threats threats and more threats that’s all you are good.We need you to act swiftly and brutally because we are being swindled of our hard earned money.

  4. Allaz

    Pure PR and marketing ONLY – they know every single transaction agents are doing – they can easy spot suspicions trends. Why do WE need to see the threats even – thats for you to communicate with your agents. Please don’t take us for a ride.

    1. Garikai

      Imagine macash out a 5.63 sense. It’s also obvious the guy is selling money. Kungotaurawo kuti vasazonzi they are working in cahoots neRBZ

  5. Tariro

    Are you now giving the agents cash in hand to assist with cash outs????

  6. Anonymous

    I did a swipe to ecocash transaction too but agent instructed me to swipe like i was making payment in a shop, then he applied his extra charge and sent the amount less the charges via ecocash, making him $2 richer from just one client, life isnt fair guys, if Econet can’t give cash outs becuase they use the cash they have for personal reasons or they also ran out then we will have to live with whats there, even when we hate the process, just imagine how much money agents are making if 50 or more clients come in.

  7. Anonymous

    It all starts with the mood of the government of the day towards corrupt activities. These Agents you are talking about are even supported by the police. Go to Charge office to pay a fine, they don’t accept ecocash, but rather they will direct you to such an Agent to get hard cash.

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