7 Talks I’m Looking Forward To At AfricaCom 2018

Chika Uwazie, Dinesh Patel, and Zachariah George at AfricaCom 2017 talking about startup funding at AfricaCom

It’s that time of the year again, AfricaCom is back in Cape Town from 13 – 15 November for its 21st edition. Just like in 2017, the 3-day event promises to bring a wide range of talks covering FinTech, Internet of Things, 5G and smart cities among other topics.

Unlike the previous year, AfricaCom 2018 now has a dedicated section that will explore artificial intelligence and its use cases in Africa. As the AI fan I am, this really makes me excited and I can’t wait to attend the talks listed below at the AI Summit at AfricaCom.

  • Going beyond business – how can AI help to digitize Africa’s communities?
  • Innovation & Regulation: AI battles in the legal arena
  • Building an autonomous workforce: AI in mining
  • How Africa Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Lead the World in Healthcare
  • Dissecting the African finance revolution: How has Africa changed the banking landscape with AI?
  • AI Opportunities in Africa and Conditions for Success

As you can see, these talks are focused more on how AI can be utilized instead of the actual building of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite interested in the actual building of artificial intelligence, I mean I spend way more time talking to my phone (Google) and laptop (Cortana) than I’d like to admit and often wonder how I can build something similar that might even be useful beyond just setting reminders…


Anyways, let me not get carried away. Right, the talks, there’s not much in terms of details other than the titles so we’ll just have to see what exactly they have in store on the days that they happen.

The last of the talks I’m looking forward (yes, I remembered I had said 7 earlier) is titled “Re-calibrating African telco strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. However, it’s actually a panel discussion and not just a presentation. In that discussion, the panel will take a look at:

  • New business models for a new era of communications
  • Capturing the value of digital transformation
  • Developing and implementing a growth strategy around data and digital
  • Mapping Africa’s journey towards 5G
  • Connecting the next billion

There will be many different and interesting discussions and talks like these so in case you’re not that into artificial intelligence yourself, there’ll be something for you. Techzim will be attending AfricaCom 2018 so feel free to send us any questions you might want to be answered and we’ll definitely do our best to ask them during the various presentations and discussions that we’ll be attending.

You can check out all the talks that will be held there here.

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