Government Invites Individuals And Businesses With Healthcare Solutions To Pitch Their Ideas


The Ministry of Health and Child Care Solutions is collaborating with ‘partners’ and calling upon businesses and individuals who have healthcare solutions. The solutions will be presented before of a panel of judges who according to the Ministry’s statement were “carefully selected to give the Ministry guidance on how we can make use of your support in the digital space.”


This is a marked shift in culture. For years people have been complaining that skills are outsourced and what not but it seems the government is opening its doors to locals and this is a great opportunity.

Boxes you should tick

The solutions should cover interests in the following areas:

  • Solution scalability – the MoHCC intends to adopt digital solutions that can be easily scaled up at low costs.
  • Context specific – the proposed solutions should fit well in the Zim context
  • Ownership – the solution will be owned in partnership with MoHCC
  • Financing – self-financing solutions will be given preference
  • Hosting and data governance – Zimbabwe hosts its data locally and solutions must comply

The Digital Health Symposium as the government has decided to call it will take place from 6-7 December this year and once you’ve registered your interest to participate you will get a response informing you of the venue and more details.


Interested parties can register by emailing by tomorrow afternoon (23 November).

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  1. This seems like a token effort to say ‘we called for solutions from the private sector.’ The idea of having part ownership with the ministry will turn away many, and the benefits are not clear

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