Africa Tech Summit Is Around The Corner, Here Is Your Chance To Win A Free Delegate Pass.

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Ever heard of the Africa Tech Summit? Well, a few weeks ago when came I back from the AfricaCom Conference I came back bubbling and bursting with ideas. Thing is, the ideas are mainly for wholesalers, government departments and huge telcos ( most of the exhibitors at the conference only supply the mentioned only) and there is no way I can engage with them without wasting both our time.

I then started thinking what would have happened if any or all of the above had been at the AfricaCom Conference this would have changed the way they do business, in more way that one. Imagine how they would have lobbied with insurance companies to get revenue assurance. How they would have learnt about the stages other countries have progressed to in terms of 5G. How they would assign the young developers to make shopping applications and infact charge users for it. How they would have discovered so many ways to use AI and Machine Learning in doing tasks that are monotonous and tedious and wasteful.

No point in crying over milk that’s all over the ground now I guess, on the bright side life is full of many chances. Another summit is around the corner, The Africa Tech Summit will be running from 14 to 15 February 2019. This Summit is where African tech connects and it will have over 400 Tech Leaders, over 100 speakers and it will be in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda at the Kigali Convention Center. Who may attend you may ask, the simple answer is anyone and everyone in the tech Industry must and should attend this summit as it offers quite a unique tech platform.

To sweeten it all up Techzim in partnership with Africa Tech Summit is giving away 10 free delegate passes to our readers. All you have to do is to click on this link and follow simple sign up instructions and you will automatically be in the draw to win a free delegate pass.

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