Developers Say There Are No Jobs In Zimbabwe, Employers Say They Cant Find Good Developers, Are These Statements True?

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The answer to the question above is yes and no. This latest paradox has affected this industry. While its true that good developers are hard to find, its also not true that there are not there in Zimbabwe. Excellent Developers are there, the trick is on how to scout for them.

Developers on the other and claim there are no jobs in the country. Some claim that potential employers are taking advantage of the prevailing economic meltdown to pay them peanuts, which barely cover their basic needs. While this is true, it’s wrong to say there are no jobs for developers in the country as some employers are still employing developers in the country.

This paradox goes on and on and on. Our report on developer training and employment in Zimbabwe addresses this issue thoroughly,  lists more than 5 reasons why the paradox exists. It then gives links on where developers can find possible employers and links where employers can find good developers.

This report is beneficial to both the employer and the developer looking for full time or part-time gigs. The employer saves resources i.e money and time in engaging recruitment agencies and interviewing tonnes of potentials. To the developers, it also saves the same resources going through several procedures and sites and in some cases printing CVs and hand delivering them ( if it’s still happening in December 2018 ), getting exposure by knowing what the 2018 Employer is now looking for etc.

Lets say you are an investor who wants to know more about the developer ecosystem in this country, where are developers trained, how many are finishing their programs, what skills do these developers have, what are other employers looking for when scouting for developers etc, you may want to buy this report and check all of that out for yourself.

Lastly, links to different relevant developer communities suitable for student developers, entry-level developers, experienced developers are found within the report. These communities help the developers to sharpen the skills and stay on top of the food chain of their industry in more ways than one.

At the end of it all the developer, employer paradox is very needless and unnecessary. Employers are still hiring and still scouting for talent. Good devs are also graduating and making sure they stay relevant in their field in different ways making them fit and ready for employment as shall be seen or rather read in the report.

You can buy the discounted report below:



  1. nobby

    good developer hmmm, who wants a good developer

  2. Anonymous

    modern day slavery from employers

  3. nobby

    we are there, find us

  4. Anonymous

    If they get systems from outside, they get bigger kickbacks as well as foreign trips. just like what is happening in football, a coach from outside is likely to be paid more than the local one.
    So its all about selfish interest at the expense of their companies

  5. Haha

    What the outcry for 19.99 was too much so more there’s a

  6. Kodza

    Kamwe kamutsvagiro kamunoita mari kane chiSatanist makari soo.

    1. Anonymous

      Zvootongoda imi madhara munoitsvaka pachiKristu, or Chibhudha kana chiHindu.

  7. Peter George Raeth

    We hear the same story from industry in the States. The problem here is that corporatists do not want to pay for the talent they need.

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