Vaya Was Just The Beginning, Cassava Preparing To Launch Logistics Business Soon

If you were thinking that Vaya Lift was the only transportation service Cassava SmarTech has on its sleeves, you are so wrong. Rather, Cassava SmarTech is preparing to get into all things logistics related (that’s both moving people and goods from A to B) at full throttle. According to Cassava SmarTech’s CEO Eddie Chibi, Vaya Lift, a ride-hailing service introduced last month, is only the tip of what they have in the pipeline.

What’s happening is that currently we have Vaya lift which is on demand services and we  are at the moment offering free rides and the beauty of it is that we are creating employment for all the drivers with vehicles and then in addition to that, we are giving people safety, security and the convenience to move around. But beyond that, we realized that also people need to move goods, parcels, and cargo. So the next phase of Vaya is that you are going to see us moving parcels and we have already started moving some parcels and then we will go into proper logistics using the same platform

Cassava SmarTech is heading where it will be offering all mobility solutions on its Vaya platform such that Vaya will not only be an app but a gateway to move people and things about. Imagine making an order on Vaya for a truck to carry your produce or your furniture. Or making an order on Vaya for a motorbike to deliver a parcel to a friend (they have alreadys started parcel deliveries but on a modest scale). In other words, Vaya now want to provide, whats fashionably being called Mobility As A Service (MaaS).


MaaS is a new mobility/transportation model that is tipped to revolutionize the transport industry as its said that it will greatly improve (it will be more efficient) the existing transportation system whilst awarding enviable returns. These purported benefits are said to accrue as a result of the network effects in a readily available ecosystem. And, the Vaya platform already is plugged into the Cassava SmarTech and Econet ecosystem, which means that it already has millions of people who are sales leads.

These plans by Cassava SmarTech should be treated as a serious threat by all those in logistics or just in the business of transportation. It’s only a matter of till existing players feel the heat- just wait till Vaya Lift gets to be a household name, then Cassava Smartech will leverage Vaya’s reputation to bring in other modes on transportation and mobility services.

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