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ZUVA Introduces FCA Cards (USD) Which Will Guarantee Fuel And Shorter Queues For Holders

If you thought Nostro’s and FCA’s were only relevant in the realm of banking; THINK AGAIN! Zuva Petroleum has introduced their own FCA card and considering the fuel situation in our country one can understand why this card may be a necessity for these companies to get their own fuel into the country.

How can you get this card?

You’ll have to pay an issuance fee of $10 to get the card to begin with. After payment for the card you’ll have to wait for 24-72 hours before you can collect the card from Zuva’s head offices in Southerton.

What’s the benfit?

Well, no more queues or at least much shorter queues than usual and a guarantee to get the fuel. The email sent to us by Zuva acknowledges this. This is the email;

Good day,

The Zuva FCA Fuel Card is an efficient payment method when purchasing fuel.

It is in monetary value and not product value.

A once off card issuance fee of $10 per card is required to be paid before the card is issued. After issuance fee is paid, lead time 24-72 hours, as the card is sent for personalized printing.

We do not deliver, but you may send someone on your behalf to collect the card from our head office in Southerton.

Card has a default pin that you change at any Zuva service station.

We have selected retail sites that you can access fuel without queuing for long, and you’re also guaranteed of fuel availability.

You will receive all notifications on deposits and withdrawals.

In the event that it is a Corporate setting, the Corporate Admin from your end will be loading the cards under your corporate after the loadng of the “Master Account” by the marketing Officers.

If you’re interested in getting the card you can do so by emailing Zuva;

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5 thoughts on “ZUVA Introduces FCA Cards (USD) Which Will Guarantee Fuel And Shorter Queues For Holders

  1. We need to be able to charge our products out in US$ and our salaries need to be in US$ otherwise how do we access US$

  2. let’s hope Zuva is going to pay its workers in USD soon since they’ve started charging in USD

  3. Hi for those who do not leave in Harare,,can we collect the card in Mutare?or any other outlet?How much will be the fuel per litre in real usd terms?

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