Course Created By A Zimbabwean Attains Best Seller Status On Udemy

I am always gushing about Udemy and how awesome it is. Mostly I am talking about the consumer side of things i.e. me enrolling into a course on Udemy and paying them for the privilege. Well there is another side of Udemy where you create a course and get paid instead.

Gwinyai Nyatsoka, a Zimbabwean developer, is one of the people taking advantage of this side of Udemy. His course iOS 12 & Swift 4 – App Design, UI/UX plus Development has had the distinct honour of receiving a best seller badge. Needless to say that Udemy does not go around dishing out this badge to anybody.

According to Udemy best seller badge was introduced in November of 2016.

The Best Seller badge calls out to students that this particular course is the most purchased amongst a pool of similar courses.Contributing factors:

  • Course with highest recent sales within a particular Topic-Category combination (e.g., Python – Development, Python – Business, Yoga – Personal Development, Yoga – Health & Fitness).
  • Note: Not all Topic-Category combinations will have a Best Seller, only those with sufficient demand.

What is the course about?

According to Gwinyai this is a three-in-one course aimed at helping you master app design, UI/UX and iOS app development from absolute beginner to advanced professional. Apple does have a reputation of being beautiful and the best apps are those that have an intuitive and beautiful UIs/UXs. This is not my forte but apparently the course will allow you to create apps that will allow Apple customers to create apps they can use to brag about to their Android counterparts.

According to Gwinyai this course is for:

  • iOS developers who would like to learn how to both design and code
  • Graphic or UI/UX designers who would like to learn how to bring their app designs to code
  • iOS developers looking to learn how to design great looking apps that also deliver incredible user experience.

In addition to a best seller tag the course has 231 students (at the time of writing), 4.6 stars ( many popular courses understandably do not have a five star rating) from 10 reviews. The course is just over 57 hours long which speaks to how thorough it is. It is divided into 34 sections.

 Who is the course instructor?

The instructor Gwinyai Nyatsoka is a local developer who claims knowledge of several technologies and languages including experience and completed projects in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, Java, C#, Java, Unity game development, Python, Pygame game development, Swift iOS development, Node.js, MongoDB, Express and Angular JS.

I am the Founder and Managing Director of Code Sage, a digital media marketing and software applications development agency. I am also Founder and CEO of Tuckshop Online Private Limited, an e-commerce company.

It is always refreshing to see Zimbabweans make it on the international scene. Creating Udemy courses is one of the ways you can earn real USD by the way. You can receive payments onto a Payoneer card allowing you to withdraw money anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted.

You can enrol into Gwinyai’s course by clicking here (not a referral link).

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