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Developers, Sign Up For The HNG Internships Online Program And Learn Some Valuable Coding Skills

Last year, we wrote about the fourth HNG (Hotels Nigeria) Internship which was a pretty cool program that could earn you some dough whilst you learnt some valuable “real-world applicable” coding skills. Fortunately, the program is back again for 2019 and you can start signing up once again for HNG 5.0. Yes, YOU CAN register for the internship even though you’re in Zimbabwe. If you’re a developer you should know a thing or two about how remote working works…

What’s this internship about?

HNG program is a 3-month remote-internship where interns get to work on real-world software projects. The program began as an incentive to attract more people to software development in Nigeria.

What are the requirements?

There doesn’t seem to be much of a shift in terms of how the internship works compared to last year when we wrote about it. In terms of requirements, the passage below summed it up and still does pretty well:

There’s NO entrance exam anyone who is interested just signs up and is inducted. Because the internship is hosted online there is no problem with having high numbers of interns and the numbers are trimmed down pretty easily as the internship progresses.

Last time around the payout for interns who were participating and progressing was $20/week. HNG is yet to confirm whether there will be a payout this time around but that shouldn’t be a hindrance to your registration as at the end of the day you’re still learning lessons that are being applied on an actual real-life project. We will update the article once that information has been made clearer to us.

You may be wondering how the numbers are reduced. Well, HNG creates ‘exciting challenges’ on their slack channel every week and those who can solve the challenges get to keep their jobs. HNG 5.0 will run for 8 weeks which means from February to March/April thereabout.

The internship is starting in February and if you’re interested you can sign up for the HNG Internship by filling out this Google form.

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