Online Adverts Can Be Annoying, We Are Making Them Better For You, Help Us


First things first: no we are not removing adverts on Techzim, not yet anyway. However we do agree that ads can be annoying and we want to make the experience better for you on Techzim.


Why are ads annoying?

One (but not the only) reason why ads are annoying is that a number of times they are not even relevant. You are shown adverts about products that are foreign for example an advert about earth moving machinery in China!

We are changing that

We now want to show ads based on where you are. A good number of our readers are non-Zimbabwean residents and when they load our site they are greeted by TelOne ads et al. Now we want them to get ads that are specific to where they are only and not our local ones here.


It also helps our bottom line

When readers view ads that are relevant to them it helps the advertiser in general because they will be reaching the right audience. It also helps us (Techzim) a great deal. The inventory is not wasted showing Zimbabwe specific ads to individuals not in Zimbabwe instead of getting extra revenue. This becomes a win win win.

You make this possible

The only way for us to know which ads to show you is if you let us know your location. When you see a small pop up on the top left corner of your screen asking you to share your location with us, please click ‘Allow.’

No we won’t keep data on you

We are not storing this information it is a once off. Once you say yes you will start getting ads relevant to where you are (hopefully, we can’t promise that it will work 100%) and that’s all we will need.

If you blocked location by mistake

If you had blocked us from getting your location when the pop up came, you can share your location manually, here’s how:

  1. Click the green padlock in the URL bar
  2. A box will pop up and it will have “Location” written on it
  3. To the right of where it says “Location” will be a drop-down which says “Block”
  4. Click the drop-down and change the value to “Allow”
  5. Reload the page for the setting to be applied

Thanks much for your support, we appreciate you very much!


4 thoughts on “Online Adverts Can Be Annoying, We Are Making Them Better For You, Help Us

    1. Ah! Come on! You are the one person I expected to be in full support
      I hope you’ll change your mind soon

      1. I understand why you have ads, but I don’t like ads, and I also don’t like being tracked regardless of the nobility of the cause. I can put up with the ads, but location, nope…

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