[Breaking] RBZ: Mangudya & Mthuli Did Not Fight

RBZ Building entrance

It’s been widely reported that Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube and Mangudya the Governor of the Reserve Bank are not seeing eye to eye. Apparently, this standoff is the reason why the monetary policy is yet to be announced.

The RBZ has now come out and rubbished these claims and they have said that the claims are false:

There was no angry exchange of words between the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon Professor Mthuli Ncube and RBZ Governor John Mangudya as alleged by the Zimbabwe Independent on the 15th of February 2019.


This is fake news created out of a figment of imagination to create hatred and to confuse the market.

The Monetary Policy Statement will be presented when due.

RBZ went on to say that the story reported by the Zimbabwe Independent was created out of thin air.

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3 thoughts on “[Breaking] RBZ: Mangudya & Mthuli Did Not Fight

  1. I would venture as far as to say the Monetary Policy is already past due! Could we have a date perhaps if all is well?

  2. Yet another tool for creating demonstrations in the making. Whatever they announce, good or bad, will attract a lot of criticism from the obvious quarters. And the cops will be back on the streets busy as bees. Hope this will not create another Venezuela style situation. Whatever the announcement is going to be, it best be a realistic announcement without the 1:1 thing which we all know to be false.

  3. the monetary policy statement will be made when the zanu govt has tried all it can and finally realizes it is backed into a wall! they cant fool everybody all the time time, and the time is now up for them !

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