How To Access Hwindi’s Designated Driver Service In The Hwindi App

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So Hwindi has announced that they are launching a new chauffeur-like service. Designated Driver as they have coined it allows user to order a driver to take them to/from a destination and it sounds like a pretty great way to avoid drunk driving or make a stylish appearance with your own ‘driver’. The driver will be driving your car of course. If you use the Hwindi app pretty often you may be wondering where this option is since it’s already available in the application.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps;

  1. Open Hwindi
  2. Chose the Deliver option
  3. Select the DD option
  4. Add the pickup point
  5. Add the drop-off point

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  1. Anonymous

    We haven’t seen a ride sharing app in Zimbabwe where people going to the same destination share a ride

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