Online Content Creator Gonyeti Arrested By CID Detectives Over Video(s) On Social Media

Popular comedian and digital content creator Gonyeti of Bstop TV has been arrested by CID operatives from her home in Mufakose. Gonyeti was picked up earlier today.

The video that is largely believed to be the reason for the arrest is one in which Gonyeti (real name: Samantha Kureya) and fellow comedian Maggie (real name: Sharon Chideu) are discussing who would be the best to take over (without specifying what they refer to). Gonyeti will be arguing that a younger person with new ides is more ideal and Maggie will be arguing the opposite saying someone who had been with the ‘former head’ and knows the ropes is more ideal.

At the end of the clip it becomes obvious the two are talking about Daisy Mtukudzi and Selmor Mtukudzi as rivals in taking over the late Oliver Mtukudzi’s msuic legacy. The ‘controversy’ here is difficult to explain to a person who doesn’t understand Shona or Zimbabwean politics. Here it is the video:

Maggie was later also asked to report to Police for questioning too.

What did the police say?

Towards the end of the day, the two comedians were released. They were both fined $20 for wearing police uniforms in a 2016 YouTube video:

The law under which they were fined reads:

Wearing of uniforms, badges, etc. of Police Force Any person who wears any uniforms or distinctive badge or button of the Police Force or anything which might reasonably be mistaken for any such uniform, badge or button as to be likely to deceive, shall, unless— (a) he is a member of the Police Force entitled by reason of his appointment, rank or designation to wear such uniform, badge or button; or (b) he has been granted permission by the Commissioner to wear such uniform, badge or button; be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level five or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

We know what happened

It’s obvious the two were arrested and went through all this to send a warning to them and maybe even all of us who create content on the internet that we should keep mum and not comment about politics. It’s sad to still see stuff like this happening in Zimbabwe.

It’s also possible that the two were released and fined over the silly charge because of the outcry that arose on social media when news of Gonyeti’s arrest broke. The authorities still haven’t figured out how social media works. You don’t stop a video by arresting it’s creator- it only goes viral and other videos you hate more will be created and they will go even more viral.

Welcome to the digital age.


Bustop TV says Gonyeti has been called back to Harare Central Police Station. She is back in custody.


  1. Anonymous

    In China you would disappeare in broad daylight and nobody will say anything

  2. Anonymous

    These comedians are there to entertain people but the problem about ZIMBABWEAN politics is about feelings. People must not laugh we must behave like mourners come guys lets be civilised. Zimbabwe is not China and it will never be China. lets support our Actors there is education in what they do .

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