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Steward Bank Warns Customers Not To Fall For Websites Pretending To Be Them

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There can only be one Kalife kepurple. Steward Bank has sent out a message through their social media platforms, informing customers to stay away from websites claiming to be the banking institution. The bank sent out a customer notice that reads:

Dear Valued Customer

Please be aware of the fraudulent phishing websites that claim to represent Steward Bank.

Phishing is the fraudelnt attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and card details by individuals masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email, online or other communication channels.

Our official website is

Give us the list!

Though this warning is great and will put many a Steward Client on the lookout for these fraudulent sites, I feel the bank would be better served by just providing the list of these websites so that people know what exactly to stay away.

Cybercrime showing its face once again

Ever since going cashless banks and customers have had to contend with different varieties of cybercrime including card cloning. Just last year there were over 150 cases of card cloning and it seems phishing is next on the list of things that customers should protect themselves against.

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