Kwese Goes Local With Wedding Diaries

Today Econet subscribers received a message telling them to buy iFlix bundles so they can watch a show called Wedding Diaries. This appears to be a new local show sponsored by Kwese which is available on their streaming platform: iFlix.

Local is lekker! Catch the Zim show, Wedding Diaries on Kwese iflix where couples share their amazing wedding stories & more!

The Econet SMS

The last time Kwese made real national waves was when they decided to take the axe to their satellite TV service. That was a very unpopular decision as many people were left stuck with another “Wiztech” egg on the face.


What many missed, but we didn’t, was that they also made a commitment to local content in the same breath. Their exact words on the issue were:

Having recognised the importance of carrying original local content, Econet Media will also establish its own content creation hub, Kwesé Studios. Through Kwesé Studios, Econet Media will invest in developing its own original programming and provide a platform for African producers, script writers, actors and directors to tell authentic African stories on a pan-African broadcast network.
These changes are in keeping with Kwesé’s commitment to providing affordable premium content, maintaining an innovative approach to content delivery and being attuned to audience viewing and purchasing habits.

You can read the original story on this by following this link

Several months later they seem to have delivered on their local content promise. I decided to take a quick look at the show and see what it is about. It is exactly like Kwese describe it.

A couple sitss on a couch, introduce themselves and go on and on about how they met. To be honest this is not my cup of tea and the show is kind of a snore-fest.

If you are a fan of local dramas this one is not for you. The blurb says this a Reality TV show and they mean it in a literal sense. This is nothing like the Real Housives [put some American town here].

How to watch

You can watch on your mobile device using Kwese apps. If you want to watch on your laptop you will have to visit the iFlix website and not the Kwese iFlix website.

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