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ZOL Connect Nominated For Best Online Media Award @ NAMAs

[Image credit: ZOL]

When National Arts Council of Zimbabwe announces the nominees for the NAMA (National Arts Merit Awards) awards we rarely have tech stalwarts on that list but ZOL’s marketing crew has made sure that in 2019 they are in the running for the Best Online Media award to be handed out on the 23rd of March.

Let’s talk about ZOL Connect for a second

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about ZOL Connect but it’s a weekly show that ZOL hosts on their Facebook page and it’s actually quite interesting. They have discussions with guests in different fields. There were two episodes I remember vividly, the one on drones and then a separate episode on gaming. One of the earlier epsiodes of ZOL Connect also explained how throttling works.

From my explanation, you would assume that this is some technical show that will require you to be in the upper echelons of nerdhood to understand but the delivery makes it relatable for most people and with engaging hosts like Danny that Guy and Tendai Garwe aka Sokostina the shows are quite dope. Another thing you have to love about ZOL connect is diversity. With artists and comedians being among the focus guests who’ve been part of the show, there’s always something for everyone.

Who will they be competing against for the award?

Most episodes consistently rake up thousands of views, showing that people are indeed interested and personally, I wouldn’t mind it too much if ZOL Connect walked away with the Best Online Media award come 23 March. They’ll be up against two other competitors in Capitalk and Urban Culxure.

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