MegaBoost Vs OneFusion: MegaBoost Outclasses OneFusion

Until yesterday, OneFusion was arguably the best offering Netone had to gain new subscribers. The once-beloved OneFusion allowed its users to access different services at a very affordable rate for 30 days. But unfortunately, Netone decided to revise and repackage its OneFusion which now makes it unattractive compared to Telecel’s MegaBoost.

Since MegaBoost and OneFusion offer many different packages (based on prices) which makes a comprehensive comparison difficult, I’m only going to use the $10 package, which they both have, to do a comparison.

ServiceOneFusion $10MegaBoost $10
On net minutes 15150
Off net minutes525
Data180 MB1 gig
WhatsApp monthly90 MB500 MB & Unlimited text*
Facebook monthly200 MB

Evidently, what OneFusion is offering is peanuts compared to what you get on MegaBoost, no wonder why a number of people that I know are switching to MegaBoost. Even if we compare the $10 MegaBoost with OneFusion’s $20, Netone is still way behind Telecel, where Onefusion and MegaBoost are concerned.

Megaboost $10OneFusion $20
On net minutes15025
Off net minutes2510
Data1 gig400
WhatsApp 500 MB160

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  1. Pidigori

    Assuming one has to have 1st line Econet for the sake of ecocash,
    It becomes foolish not to dump the 2nd line (Telone purchased for one fusion) and acquire a Telecel line for Megaboost

  2. Mdulababy

    l assume you wrote this article before you had seen the revised charges for Telecel

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