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WWE’s Wrestling YouTube Channel The Second Most Viewed Channel In The World

That headline may come as a surprise to many of you as it did to me. I used to watch a lot of wrestling but I just eventually grew disinterested as many of us do.

The side of the story which is rarely explored however is the fact that regardless of how many of us grow disinterested in grown men trading punches in their undies, there is still a significant number of people who remain invested.

With today also playing host to the most significant event on the wrestling calendar (Wrestlemania), I couldn’t help but be surprised by a fact I stumbled upon; WWE’s YouTube channel, with it’s 41.6 million subscribers and 40 000 videos is the second most-watched YouTube channel in the world.

When you take a closer look at the channel it’s not entirely surprising as the livestream of Wrestlemania Watch Along on the YouTube channel garners quite some interest. That video has 1.2 million views and it’s 5 hours long so once you factor the high view count of the videos along with the length of some of these videos it does make sense that it is one of the most viewed channels on the most popular video sharing platform.

WWE’s YouTube channel is also the most popular in American sports, thwarting the poularity of NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and Nascar.

There’s more

Those are not the only interesting tech facts that WWE serves up.

  • As of March, WWE has more than one billion fans on its social media accounts. (Facebook: 501m likes, Instagram 226m followers, Twitter; 221m followers, YouTube 41m subscribers)
  • Last year WWE raked up 31.4 billion digital views of content, covering 1.2 billion hours.
  • WWE’s most recent TV deal was worth $1.3 billion which is quite significant when you consider the EPL rights deal from last year is worth £4.4 billion
  • John Cena has 44 million Facebook fans, which is top among North American athletes

As I said at the beginning of this article, whilst many of us lose interest in wrestling as time goes on a lot more people retain their interest in one the world’s most popular sport and the numbers are there to back that up.

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