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FCA Bank Charges For Standard Chartered Customers

Standard Chartered Visa Card with US dollars

The following fees are what you will be charged when you interact with your Standard Chartered Foreign Currency Account (FCA).

Monthly maintenance feeUSD $5
Cash Withdrawal (inside the branch)2.25% of amount withdrawn
ATM Cash Withdrawal (on our ATM)2% of amount withdrawn
ATM Cash Withdrawal (Visa ATM)USD $2 plus 1.75% (maximum to withdraw is USD $37)
Soiled notes deposit10%
Debit card issuance/ or Card replacementUSD $15
Internal transferUSD $1
RTGS transferUSD $2 per entry
Telegraphic transfer1.55% (minimum to withdraw is USD $30 and maximum to withdraw USD $160)
Bank Statement requestUSD $5 per request or USD $1 per page depending on the statement requested


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