FCA Bank Charges For Steward Bank Customers

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The following fees are what you will be charged when you interact with your Steward Bank Foreign Currency Account (FCA).

Monthly maintenance feeUSD $2
Cash Withdrawal (inside the branch)1% + $0.05 tax
ATM Cash Withdrawal (on our ATM)N/A
Soiled notes depositDoes not charge and depends on the the condition of the notes
Debit card issuance/ or Card replacementUSD $ 10
Internal transferUSD $3.50 + 2% tax
RTGS transferUSD $10.00+ 2% tax
Bank Statement requestUSD $0.50


  1. Van Lee Chigwada

    I was once charged US$40 for receiving money from USA; last year.
    I have since walked away from this stupid bank.
    Not even the bank manager could explain the charges.

    1. Always off Topic

      You are lucky the transfer was successful, i once tried to withdraw from an online wallet (Webmoney) to my Dura FCA, i was given the run around for a whole month until Webmoney finally gave up waiting for Steward bank to fulfill their part in order to complete the transaction, luckily Webmoney were very understanding and simply reversed the transfer without any cost to me.
      Till this day i donot know what the problem was, all i got from Steward bank reps was “sometimes Swift transfers do not work “. This infuriated me, why , because before i opened the Dura account i went to Steward bank enquires to find out what i can do with the service. I asked the person there numerous times about Swift transactions , and she assured me Dura was perfect for my needs. Nxa!!!!.

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Net14lif

    Very expensive and why are they using one to one with their RTGS charges…

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