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4 Android Apps To Help You Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp


We’ve often been warned that curiosity killed the cat, yet we are still eager to know that WhatsApp message your contact has deleted before you read it. Fine, let me help you to be spared the pain of not being able to read a deleted WhatsApp message. Here are 5 apps that allow me to read deleted messages:


For me Notisave is the best of all. I like the app’s’ user-interface, it’s quite clean and uncluttered. But there are lot of configurations which you need to do before using the app, which was a bit irritating. Otherwise after getting past that phase, I really enjoyed using the app.

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Notif Log

It does exactly what you expect flawlessly. It even lets you see deleted media files and documents. Even though the free version has some ads, they are not too intrusive

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Message Portal

With message portal, you don’t need to do a lot of configurations to enable the app to read deleted WhatsApp mesaages. In addition to saving deleted WhatsApp mesaages, it can save notifications of any other app.

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The app is alright, however I couldn’t view documents or media files that were deleted. And also Undelete doesn’t notify promptly whenever there’s deleted WhatsApp message.

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