4 Ways To Easily Buy Telecel & Netone Airtime With EcoCash

There are many ways to skin a cat. And also there many ways of buying airtime using EcoCash from us, Techzim. Today I will share with you 4 ways that you can use to buy airtime with EcoCash.

On site- at the end of the article

The most seamless way one can buy airtime is simply going at the end of that any article/story you’ve just read here on Techzim and enter the number to recharge, airtime amount and EcoCash number that you’ll use to pay. You will then receive a prompt on your Econet phone asking you to enter your pin code to complete the purchase of airtime. After putting the pin, your airtime will be automatically credited in your sim card.

On app

Alternatively you can use the Techzim Marketplace app to buy your preferred airtime. It’s just a matter of heading to Google Playstore and downloading the app.Here’s the link to the app.Not only can you buy airtime using the app, but also you can pay for DStv using Zim Dollars. Techzim app also allows you to lodge a query easily when you hit a bump during the purchase of your airtime.

On WhatsApp

This is perhaps the most convenient way to buy airtime for most people as WhatsApp is your day-to-day app.
  • Save the following WhatsApp number:
0716841933. Send the word “airtime” You will receive a message that tells you how to buy your preferred airtime. Suppose you want Netone’s airtime worth RTGS$ 2, you merely have to reply the bot with this message: 2#071XXXXXX#077XXXXXX. In which case “2” stands for the amount of airtime you want to buy, “071XXXXXX” stands for the Netone (or it could be a Telecel number) which will receive the airtime and ” 077XXXXXX” is the EcoCash number that will make the payment.EcoCash will then ask for your pin-code to make the payment of the airtime. After, putting the pin, your airtime will automatically get credited in your account.

On Facebook

  • Sign in to Facebook and look for Techzim’s Facebook page
  • Once you find it, click on ‘Send Message’ Techzim’s Facebook page Send a message written ” airtime”
  • After Techzim’s bot replies you, you just have to enter tell it the amount of airtime you want to buy, the phone number to be recharged and the EcoCash account to pay.
  • EcoCash will send you a prompt on your screen so that you can put your pin code. And as soon as you enter your pin code, your airtime will be automatically credited in your account.

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