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Jeff Bezos Is A Thief – Wikipedia’s New Description Of The World’s Richest Man

Update: Wikipedia has since corrected the error by replacing the word, “thief” with “charity donor”

It looks like one of the Editors at Wikipedia has made a gross error which tarnishes the image of the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. Wikipedia is describing Jeff Bezos as a thief among a number of honourable adjectives. Visit or take a look at the Wikipedia page:Image credit: Forbes Twitter

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39 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos Is A Thief – Wikipedia’s New Description Of The World’s Richest Man

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    1. “A proved thief is a thief…” according to Mukanya. The comment doesn’t explain or source the assertion. Much is written about him but that was news to me. I Googled “Jeff Bezos” and variations on “thief” or “steal”. Despite the mountain of Bezos related topics, both critical and laudatory, none charge Jeff Bezos with theft or other acts of malfeasance.

      Of course, there’s been a lot said about Bezos’ very public divorce. Tabloids were obvious. The possibility of an impact on Amazon’s stability and trading price made it news. Bezos seems to have resolved those issues. Still looking for Mukanya’s charge of “.

      As a newly divorced man, Bezos spent his summer vacation with his lovely girlfriend at his side, traveling with other rich and famous friends. I’m guessing it was a profitable summer for the paparazzi that sold Bezos’ images to the various newspapers, financial pages, and tabloid press that published them, often along with photos of the British royal family and the US President.

      Obviously, Jeff Bezos is just a man; and, as such, he is flawed and makes questionable choices (especially when texting). Still no evidence of illegal or unethical activities. Working at an Amazon phone or distribution center wouldn’t appeal to me; but the starting pay is reported as $15/hour, twice the federal minimum wage, not slave wages I’d expect from a “robber baron”.

      Finally, my reply to Mukanya’s remarks: I searched in earnest for Jeff Bezos’ involvement in “theft” as you charge. If I missed something.please reply with link(s). Envy is healthy unless the result is slander. It’s is tempting to be jealous of another’s good fortune; but Jeff Bezos had one less billion dollars, I can almost promise not one cent of it would be yours (or mine). Worth mentioning the Trump tax cuts greatly reduced Bezos and Amazon’s tax liability.

      It truly is the “American dream” come true.

    2. You jealous person how could you call a person a thief he is the worlds richest man plus he donates to charity, respect hard word respect a genius mastermind entrepreneur jealously is evil your heart is not clean your mind is weak may good bless your soul and mind amen.

  1. Are you the dumbest idiot on the internet? ANYONE can edit a wikipedia article. Nobody “at Wikipedia” made the edit. Christ.. this is a complete non-story.

  2. Jeff gets to run a business at a loss to crush other profitable businesses at tremendous scale.

    Not sure if a thief, but I think there is something wrong with it.

  3. Whatever the buzz may be for him but he has his own mind and skill which we dont so success and money is his achievement.Regarding taxes again its his smartness and its the headache of American government.Success and money attracts style and fame and yes so he is glamour of the talk…..but he faced all the controversies and blame in a very cool manner.He handles it wisely and smartly.He justified his divorce..and why people are so much bothered.I love Jeff Bezos for his approach and work style.He is loud enough to show his attitude by his calm approach to any problem and criticism….So one should not have judgemental and prejudiced more envious outlook for Jeff…..Its his life…and he will have whatever he requires.He is sensible and aware of whatever he is dealing…why to bother.I love you Jeff for whatever you are.Its not about being Rich but for staying open how he is with no botherations

    1. The acummulation of that amount of money by one sole person is ridiculous and inmoral. What does he give back to society? Not disputing how cool or clever or whatever he is. Not saying he is not deserving of success. But we as society should not cheer like idiots when somebody amasses such amount of money and greedily keeps on adding more to his vault. And the taxes? words there. Several other millionaires have understood that they have way way way more than what they need to live like kings in this lifetime and have decided to distribute their wealth. THAT is something I admire

  4. Just a reminder that not everything one reads on internet is accurate, true or even kind.

    In a world where we can be something let’s choose to be kind.

    Amazon is a powerful illustration of focus and vision and above all taking the action to follow through on that vision.

    Do all things with #loveandkindness and #livealegacy

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