Golix’s ICO Didn’t Raise Millions But Thousands

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BitFinance renamed to Golix

After exclusively breaking the story regarding the loss of a US$250k password by Golix’s CEO it turns out more information is finding its way to us through anonymous sources who dealt with Golix in one way or another in the aftermath of their bust-up with the RBZ.

Another source has now come out and said that Golix’s token sale was in the thousands meaning the company might have missed their U$32 million target by a longshot.

In fact, the source says Golix sold tokens closer to US$15 000 more than anything else and this same figure was shown to some customers. The source claims they saw the portal that was being used to handle the token sale so they believe that this figure is closer to the total amount made by the cryptocurrency exchange during the token sale.

Considering that Golix intended to use these funds to increase their presence in other countries and it doesn’t seem that materialised coupled with the fact that the token sale was held during the RBZ vs Golix crisis – it’s reasonable to believe that the token sale might have been a complete failure.

Considering that during the token sale Golix put the above poster on their site, one wonders whether this was an effort to paint a positive picture and influence the few who ended up buying the coin to invest more.

After the ICO was over Golix CEO Tawanda Kembo said that the GLX Token had sold 65% of tokens but refused to disclose the amount they made.

Unless Kembo decides to make himself available for comment and actually explain what happened, this is the version of events we have right now.


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  1. Interest

    Question why have they not returned the bitcoins they have in the exchange… They owned a runner a long time ago… Basically theft

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      If you’ve been following the stories we’ve covered on Golix you’ll know that efforts to question Golix are not yielding answers

      1. Ghost

        So you are basing your story on Rumors and ‘anonymous sources’. That’s petty Farai. Go work for H Metro, they would love to have you I guess

        1. Farai Mudzingwa

          I’m sure hmetro would love to add a brilliant writer but for now I’m here to stay Ghost 😂😂 hope you keep reading my stuff and engaging with it like you’ve done 💪🏾

        2. Anonymous

          Am with u ther ghost

  2. James

    Techzim either you’ve finally uncovered the truth about whats going on at Golix and alerting the public who were taken for a ride .. or .. you’ve opened yourself to a possible defamation/slander lawsuit.

    i really hope its the former! so far it looks as though Tawanda has disappeared for some serious reasons.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      That’s the good thing, if we’re lying there lawsuits will come and we will be proven as frauds

  3. Michelle Mashira

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