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RBZ Reveals When New Bond Coins Will Be Issued & How They Will Look

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has just revealed that the new $2 Bond coins will be issued on the 11th of November, next week Monday. Although the central bank hasn’t yet released the specimen of the $2 Bond coin, it has listed the features of the new coin. Here’s the statement that RBZ has released:

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7 thoughts on “RBZ Reveals When New Bond Coins Will Be Issued & How They Will Look

    1. It means that they were meant to be released last year, they could have been made as early as 2017.

      Instead, they wanted you to stew in your misery. Then save you from that misery. And, expect you to be grateful and full of praise.

  1. This is doomed to fail as long as RBZ does not monitor how commercial banks distribut money given to them by the central bank. Today if yiure a CBZ customer you can walk into a CBZ branch and get some cash. Some say ZWL $300 per month. At least its something. I bank with STEWARD BANK and have not been able to get any cash for the past 3 years or more. WHERE is the cash they are getting fro the central bank going. Me thinks this is the money they give to EcoCash agents as they always have cash. We, the Steward Bank customers are then forced to buy the cash at premiums of 80%. The central bank MUST investigate cash allocated to Steward Bank.

  2. My request.

    Cash is fine. For transacting. For daily and monthly transactions.

    Please also mint some Zimbabwean Gold coins. 99.99%.
    We want to buy those from the Fidelity at 105% world market price.
    1 ounce.
    0.5 ounce.
    1/10 ounce.

    Currency is good for trade and circulation.
    Gold coins are good as they actually keep the value intrinsically.
    Value generally going up in price over the years.
    Like the Kruger Rand.

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